Hammer Form & Solid Form

A hammer form is typically solid construction and used to create metal parts with more detail and direction changes than found on the larger panels of a typical car. The hammer form can be quite simple or intricate (male and female components for example) depending on the complexity of the part being shaped. Unlike the station buck, the metal is struck while on the hammer form. This is a very effective way to create low volume, moderately detailed parts that might be sections of a larger panel. For example, a tail light housing which becomes part of a larger quarter panel,
Often a station buck can be designed with integrated hammer forms as a single unit.

Tail Light Assembly - We created male/female tooling to reproduce this assembly.


Front Valance - Solid Form: Scan, Computer, Scale Model.


Lower Fender Corners - used to rebuild rusted fender corners on another car. Scan, Computer, Scale Wood Model + Vacuum Formed Parts which can be used for visual inspection and test fitting.

Wood Tools - machined on our 5 axis mill to an ultra smooth finish.


Vacuum Formed Parts - Parts can be formed from various plastic sheets up to 8 foot x 4 foot in size.

Head Light Ring Hammer Form - Hammer Form Molds to create new headlight trim rings.